Car Forfeiture

Chicago Car Forfeiture Lawyer

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Defending Illinois Clients against Car Crime Charges

If you are arrested for certain crimes while driving a car, the law authorizes the county sheriff to permanently take your car from you! Some of these offenses include Driving on a Suspended License, Aggravated DUI, and Driving while possessing an illegal drug, and other felonies. However, you can still fight to get your car back. If the owner of the vehicle was not involved in the arrest, then the law does allow the “innocent owner” to get the car leased to the innocent owner’s possession. In addition, if there is a lien on the car from a bank (i.e. you’re making payments on the car), often times Steve Klein can use the bank as a middleman to get you the car back as well. In these types of cases, time is of the essence because you will only have 20 days to respond to a complaint for forfeiture. If this has happened to you, call Steve Klein immediately so I can help you get your car back! Mr. Klein can also defend you on the criminal charge that was the basis for seizing your vehicle.