Domestic Battery

Chicago Domestic Battery and Violence Lawyer

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Defending Illinois Clients against Domestic Battery and Violence Charges

Domestic battery charges are always very sensitive cases because they involve family members, roommates, and romantic relationships. Unlike most other class “A” misdemeanors, a finding of guilt will result in a conviction even if it’s your first offense. These types of convictions can never be removed from your records, so it is essential that they are taken seriously. Often times, the domestic battery charge stems from a false accusation or the person was merely acting in self-defense. Steve Klein understands that solely being accused of domestic violence does not mean you are guilty.

Most domestic battery charges originate from someone calling the police during a domestic disturbance. If a person alleges that you have committed domestic violence, there is not much you can do to avoid an arrest. The charge of domestic battery is technically a crime against the State; not against the accuser. Therefore, even if the complaining witness changes their mind or recants their story, it is still up to the prosecution (not the complaining witness) to decide if they will still move forward with the charges.

In addition to the actual charge of domestic battery, bond restrictions can prevent you from returning home because you are not allowed contact with the accuser while the case is pending. Don’t let these bond restrictions keep you away from your loved ones over a simple misunderstanding. It’s important to hire an attorney who knows how to remove these restrictions quickly. Attorney Steve Klein has won countless motions to amend bond conditions and avoid these harsh restrictions. The sooner you hire Steve Klein, the faster you can go home.