Chicago Expungements Lawyer

Expungement is a remarkable legal procedure that can remove criminal charges from your records. However, you only qualify for expungement if you have never been convicted of a crime before in your entire lifetime. If you pled guilty but received a sentence of supervision, you could be eligible to expunge the charge two years after it was completed for offenses like retail theft, possession of cannabis, possession of paraphernalia, unlawful consumption of alcohol by a minor, simple battery, simple assault, trespass, or disorderly conduct.
Even if you have been convicted, you could still be eligible for “sealing” the case if enough time has passed. Whereas expungement basically destroys your records, sealing puts the case “under seal” and still prevents most employers from finding the case.

If you are eligible for expungements or sealing, you can even do them yourself! Depending on which county you file in and which district, the rules and requirements are different so make sure that you have consulted with an attorney first because a mistake could cause you hundreds of dollars in filing fees.