Monitoring Device Driving Permit

A Monitor device driving permit is a special type of permit that will allow you to drive while your license is suspended from a DUI summary suspension. The permit is only available if you have a “first offender” suspension from the Illinois Secretary of State. The permit requires you to install a BAIID device (breath alcohol ignition interlocking device) on your car. It is essentially a small breathalyzer device that you need to blow into to start your car. It also requires frequent “running re-tests” which requires you to take a breathalyzer test while you are driving.

You are not required to install the BAIID if you don’t want to, but then you will not be able to drive for the entire length of the suspension. If you do want the BAIID, then you have to wait until the first 30 days of your suspension has passed before you can drive with the permit.

If you drive a company vehicle for work purposes, are not self employed, do not work for a family member, and do not drive the work vehicle as a personal vehicle, you may be eligible for a work exemption. With the work exemption, you will still have to install a breathalyzer on your personal vehicle, but you will be able to drive your work vehicle without a breathalyzer device. Your employer must verify your employment in order to qualify for the work exemption.