Retail Theft

Chicago Retail Theft and Shoplifting Lawyer

Retail theft is defined as knowingly taking the possession of merchandise from a retail establishment, without paying the full retail value, and possessing the intent to permanently possess the merchandise. If you are charged with a theft alleging that the items taken are under $300, then it is a class “A” misdemeanor. Any alleged theft that is greater than $300 is a felony, even if it’s your first offense. In the eyes of the law and the public, theft is a crime of dishonesty and might cause a negative impression on future employers, landlords, and even licensing organizations. A second theft in your lifetime, even under $300, can lead to a felony and even prison time.

Theft is a crime that requires the State to prove intent, which means they have the burden of showing that you intended to permanently keep the property without paying for it. If it was unintended, then you are innocent! However, Mr. Klein also knows how to enter into a plea bargain to allow you to remove the charges from your records.